Hygiene for kids

Hygiene is the key to initiate good health.

Hygiene is more than cleaning ourselves. It is a combination of developing good habit and regular maintenance of our essential cleaning routines. These are important for every human being and when it comes to children, it is mandatory.

Children are more prone to allergic reactions, diseases and fall victim to illness attacks. Hence, a regular hygienic caring is essential under parental guidance as they are too small to understand these points.

Parents can supervise such habits regularly until the time they get used to it which is important for their healthy future. There are some ways to nurture such habits in kids to provide them a tidy look, great personality, good health and positive attitude towards life.

Oral cleaning techniques

Daily brushing with proper toothpaste and tongue cleaning is crucial.

Dentists recommend a brushing session in the morning and after dinner. Kids should rinse their mouth properly with water after taking any kind of food, beverages and especially chocolates.

Failing to do so can be harmful to their overall health and there will be more chances of tooth decaying or bacterial infection. A regular check up is also a positive step to prevent oral problems, at least once a year.

Skin and hair cleaning

Regular bathing is very important for kids.

This helps to regulate the body temperature and remove the germs and dirt from the body. Small kids have lesser exposure to external atmosphere so soap application is not required daily. Elder kids who are going to playgrounds and as they have more physical activities parents should try to use soaps or liquid mild cleansers for proper washing.

It is better to keep their hairs short during childhood. Long hair remain wet for more hours and children may easily catch a cold. Too much shampoo can damage their hair texture. Regular and moderate oiling of hairs and washing them on alternate days help keep the hair healthy. Dry wet hair properly using a towel to avoid water accumulation on the scalp. Hair driers are not recommended for children.

Hygienic eating habits

Parents should teach their kids to use cutleries for consuming their food.

This is hygienic compared to eating with hands as germs may enter the essential organs and affect them as these organs are not developed enough to protect themselves against diseases at an early stage.

Before having food, it is important to wash hands properly with soap. This is also recommendable after returning from play and other external activities. Parents can guide them to do so regularly until the time they get used to such practices.

Some basic clean habits

Parents should always cut their kid’s nails short. The germs tend to accumulate inside the nails and may enter the digestive tracts during eating. Often kids develop the habit of chewing nails. This is not good and parents must keep a track on their attitude and behavior.

During coughs and colds, use a handkerchief to clean their nose. Always clean their clothes with mild detergents and rinse them thoroughly to wash off any trace of soap.

Also, keep their toys and accessories safe and clean. Their room should be airy with optimum level of sun exposure. This room should be free from dust and dirty articles.

These simple steps taken by parents to teach their children can definitely guarentee good children hygiene.

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