Science Reveals What Type of Men Women Prefer

attractive man
It not uncommon for some guys to feel insecure about their physical looks, especially when they have not snagged a date in a long time. It leads them wondering, what are the characteristics in men that women find irresistible?

Believe it or not, women are genetically wired to go for a certain type of guy. This explains why the stereotype of a “cool guy” remains popular and unchanged over many years. Though there are some women who take personality as an important factor, they still prefer to date men they find physically attractive.

Which then leads to the question, who exactly are the men who can effortlessly woo a woman? Here are science-based facts on what type of men most women want.

Men With Athletic Physique

A 2008 study of 382 female college students found that only 4% of them would be in a relationship with a man who is shorter than them.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor at the University of Washington explained that the reason behind this is men who are generally bigger and are physically fit have the ability to protect their partners.

According to Schwartz, because athletic men make women feel safer, they tend to exclude a lot of men pursuing them, even if they find their personalities interesting. This concludes that across cultural and geographic boundaries, women find tall and athletic men to be irresistible.

Men With Less Body Hair

A biology professor at Trnava University in Slovakia named Pavol Prokop said that evolutionary-wise, hairless men are found to be more attractive in certain cultures closer to the equator due to parasitic threat.

The theories that women prefer less hairy men may have come from the fact that men with less hair contract less lice and other parasitic infection. Interesting enough, Prokop conducted the same study in another geographic location where parasitic threats are different.

When a correlational test was performed, they found no differences in women’s preference.

Men With Beards

Women liking men with less body hair but with facial hair might sound contradicting. But an Australian study found that women prefer men with stubbles or full-facial hair due to a multitude of reasons.

When further studies were conducted, researchers confirmed that women generally associate facial hair with socio-sexual attributes. This means men with bears are subconsciously perceived as “better fathers” who can help copulate an offspring.

Men With Masculine Cars

A research in Austria found that the type of car you own and drive matters in attracting women. The study states that a woman subconsciously changes her perception when she sees the man’s car.

Men with bigger and more masculine cars are found to be more attractive than those who owned smaller vehicles. They often see these people as powerful and dominant mates who can provide for them.

According to a relationship and sex educator Dr. Laura Berman, women correlate cars to its owner’s social status. Berman says that this concept has been unchanged for thousands of years.

During the prehistoric times, women would often choose partners who can bring home the food and take care of the babies. They prefer men who could take on life’s challenges and bring home the biggest chunk of meat after a long day’s hunt to feed the family.

Navigating the dating scene will never be easy. If you truly want to pursue the perfect girl, a wonderful personality is not going to cut it. You will find yourself competing with other competitors who can shove you to the back of the line.

Make room for self improvements to increase your chances of finding the perfect partner you have been dreaming of.

Daily Rituals To Boost Weight Loss

Are you living a fast paced life where hitting the gym is completely impossible to find the time for?

Then simple daily health tweaks and making it a habit can bring about positive effects for your weight loss efforts.

By simply making smart lifestyle choices, you do not have to workout extra hours, starve yourself, or go into weight loss diets that seems to never satisfy your hunger.


Studies conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health proved that individuals who skip their morning meals raise their risk of high blood pressure, coronary diseases, obesity and diabetes. Good breakfast choices also matter when you want to lose weight or simply stay in shape.

Sticking to complex carbohydrates and lean proteins such as eggs and wheat toast will suffice. Getting up 10 to 20 minutes earlier and doing some light cardio can also help. Cleaning your home quickly can be a great ritual to adopt. Not only you get to keep a clean home, you also get a light workout.

Your metabolism during your night’s rest slows down. If you are taking thermogenic fat burners or other weight loss aids, taking them before eating your breakfast helps you jumpstart your metabolism and fat burning process for the entire day.

After you make sure that the supplements you take are safe and are approved by physicians, you can start taking them 20 to 30 minutes before your breakfast. Thermogenic fat burners are the likes of forskolin pills, green tea extract, raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia. Though these supplements claim to help you lose weight, the best recommendations by professionals are still exercise and proper diet.

All Throughout The Day

Staying hydrated is the best way to stave off hunger – and what better way to achieve that than by drinking water. Cold water is preferable as it helps you burn off more calories. Since your body has to maintain a nearly fixed temperature, it needs to work extra hard in order to heat up the cold water you drank to reach your body temperature.

This allows your body to consume more calories due to this process. Stay Away from sugary drinks, and even fruit juices. Train yourself to only drink water and nothing else.

Another ritual you can use is to make your own lunch. You can prepare your lunch the night before and simply heat it up in a microwave before you eat it. This ritual will prevent you from buying unhealthy foods. Packed lunch also allows you to have a better control of your calorie intake. You can find simple but delicious meal prep recipes online.

If you sit at a desk the entire day, try to stand up at least once or twice every hour. Walk around at a quicker pace during a phone call or when you are taking your breaks and make sure to skip unhealthy snacks.

It is easy to grab a bag of potato chips from a vending machine during breaks, but always keep in mind that healthy food can also be quick and easy. Instead of eating cookies, biscuits or chips, you can snack on nuts like almonds and walnuts. You can also eat fruits as snacking alternatives.


Treat your evenings like it is your day off. If you have little kids, you can pick them up from school and take them to a nearby park. You can also grab some celery sticks, cucumbers or baby carrots and hummus along the way to snack on. You can join your kids running around and playing.

Aside from strengthening your familial bond, you also help burn off calories and at the same time keep your kids healthy. If you are not rushing, you can pick up your kids and walk home along the sidewalks of your city. This avoids the rush-hour traffic we all dread and at the same time give you the exercise you need.

While preparing dinner, you can put on upbeat music and dance around. Avoid getting takeouts or food deliveries as these foods always contain more sugar, more salt, more fat and more junk your body does not need.

Turn off the TV while eating dinner to avoid mindless eating. Eliminate alcohol and smoking for good. They only raise your bad cholesterol and put you at risk of a stroke and other heart related diseases.

Regulate your sleep to help prevent hormone imbalance. Lack of sleep usually causes weight gain, anxiety, and depression. When you do not sleep well, you do not live well. According to the National Sleep Foundation, young adults to older adults should get at least 7 hours to 9 hours of sleep to maintain an optimal cognitive function.

Living freely

What does ‘Life of Freedom’ mean to you?

I think that to be living a ‘Life of Freedom’ you need to have Time Flexibility, Financial Flexibility, Wellness Freedom, Relationship Flexibility and Spiritual Liberty.

Time Liberty enables you to select what you want to finish with your time and just what type of work you wish to do. You own your time and your work; it doesn’t own you. You make the effort to do the things in life that definitely make you delighted. You manage to follow your passion, and have your earnings regularly growing. Current researches reveal that ‘Time Freedom’ is the primary point that individuals want even more of in their lives… more vital compared to both cash and sex.

Financial Liberty is having adequate money so that you could live the life you genuinely desire (whatever that suggests to YOU). You can increase your feeling of who you actually are and be a totally plentiful in every area of your life.

Partnership Liberty is exceptionally vital but frequently overlooked. Relationship Freedom focuses on household, close friends and associates and ensures that you make time for love and communication and to check out life with each other, growing along the road. It enables you to make dedications to loved ones, that are deep, meaningful, resilient and intimate, and permits you to take pleasure in similar interests and journeys.

Spiritual Freedom is all about recognizing precisely who you absolutely are and your objective in life. It makes sure that you have a connection to your greater self, and also to God and deep space. By peeling back the many masks that you have concealed behind and actually turned into one with on your own you have the opportunity to have Spiritual Freedom.

Wellness Liberty, to me this is the most crucial flexibility of all. Wellness Freedom makes sure that you have time to work out, to eat well, to keep a lean belly, to invest high quality time with loved ones to get lots of rest. All the various other freedoms incorporate to guarantee Wellness Freedom e.g. by having money to acquire the healthiest meals and dietary supplements and by making time to rest and work out.

Together, I believe, these 5 flexibility factors offer you the” Life of Freedom’. And Life of Freedom offers you the capability to make a decision. To decide which and what you desire in your life and to determine what to do with your time.

The primary step to developing” Life of Freedom’ is choosing precisely what you desire. Clearly defining exactly what you want in your life, just what kind of person you want to be, what you look and behave like and just how you really feel.

If you do not plainly specify what you want, just how will you recognize when you have it? When you don’t know what you wish, you tend to spent your time doing points that are not bringing you exactly what you want.

Develop a list of just what you genuinely wish in your life. Just what would certainly make you pleased and placed it in order of concerns, so it is clear exactly what you desire one of the most. Testimonial it frequently and previously you understand it you will certainly be steadily developing your ‘Financial Freedom’, ‘Time Liberty’, ‘Partnership Freedom’, ‘Spiritual Liberty’ and ‘Health Flexibility’.

Current research studies show that ‘Time Freedom’ is the number one thing that individuals wish more of in their lives… Relationship Liberty concentrates on household, coworkers and friends and guarantees that you make time for passion and communication and to discover life together, growing along the method. Wellness Liberty, to me this is the most important liberty of all.

All the various other flexibilities incorporate to make sure Health Flexibility e.g. by having cash to get the healthiest meals and dietary supplements and by making time to rest and exercise. Assessment it typically and previously you know it you will certainly be steadily developing your ‘Financial Liberty’, ‘Time Liberty’, ‘Relationship Freedom’, ‘Spiritual Freedom’ and ‘Health and wellness Freedom’.

Horse Riding Summer Camps for Kids

Sending kids to vacation sites that are equally fun and educational like horse riding summer camps for kids can make their time worthwhile without any feeling of missing out their long awaited vacation.

Understand that riding is not as simple as sitting on a horse, and the rider has a participation in making the ride a success. There are more things to expect from riding a horse than meets the eye, aside from having pure pleasure. It can benefit emotional, mental, and physical well being of a child which parents should take advantage of.

A Glimpse on the Benefits of Riding a Horse

Physically, riding can enhance a child’s coordination, balance, and awareness. Riding uses different muscles like abdominal, leg, back, and shoulder. Novice riders must expect that the muscles in their inner thigh will become sore, but it will strengthen just as quickly and become stretched. Riding a horse also aids in proper functioning of the liver and digestion. It can also pose as an option for therapy for those patients using wheelchairs.

Mentally, riding a horse can be a good training ground for developing mental awareness that every child should muster. Riding can provide for all the necessary means to keep the brain active at all times. There are times where quick decisions must be made in order to make the ride a success, and when that happens expect that the child will gain an added boost of confidence that will make that child believe in his or her own capabilities.

Emotionally, riding a horse can somehow teach a child emotional stability as many riders find it relaxing and somewhat calming. The rider and his or her horse must have harmony together in both mind and body. A child will eventually learn to feel the things that his or her horse feels and convey his or her own feelings in order to make a beautiful ride.

Planning for the Horse Riding Summer Camps

Choosing the right horse riding summer camp for the kids can be tedious, but it will be all worth it in the end. The horse riding summer camp might just be a life-changing experience that kids will be thankful for the rest of their days.

In order to give the best horse riding summer camp experience for the kids, look for camps that group kids that belong to the same age group to bind together common interests and make interactions with one another easier. This way, riding lesson sessions will also have a smooth flow.

Search for the most suitable time and most convenient location for the camp. Make sure to prepare everything beforehand in order to make certain that all of the things that the child will need are intact.

Discuss the program that a particular camp offers to weigh whether it is the camp that will most likely bring the benefits that a child must get and expect.

If uncertain, make a thorough research about the target camp to take away any skepticism or doubt. Look at the things that the different camps offer and see which one is the best for the child.

Some Camps with their Price

Rawhilde Ranch is famous for giving campers a taste of a real ranch life including horse riding. It is located in North San Diego County. Daily activities include vaulting and western riding. There are also animal and horse science lectures plus roping, drama, and other fun activities. The camp is for boys and girls aged 7 to 15. One week costs $895; two weeks cost $1790; three weeks $2685; four weeks cost $3580. Longer weeks are also available.

The Windridge Tennis and Sports Camp offer specialized soccer, tennis, and horse back riding programs. The camp works hard in giving commitment in good sportsmanship, wholesome fun, and great learning experience amidst a very friendly environment. The camp caters boys and girls aged 8 to 15. Two weeks cost $1640 and three weeks cost $3075.

Frost Valley is where campers experience a different kind of journey from spending a night away from home for the first time to exciting adventures of horse back riding. The camp is for boys and girls aged 7 to 16. One week costs $800-$1700; two weeks cost $800-$1700; three weeks cost $800-$1700; four weeks cost $800-$1700; six weeks cost $800-$1700; eight weeks cost $800-$1700.

Is Kung fu good for your children

Keeping your child physically active and enrolled in sports activities is essential for many reasons.

In today’s modern world, we have so much technology and children are starting to become fixated with these technologies from a younger age. We have pre-teenagers who have mobile phones and accounts on Facebook which limits their activity quite a bit.

Back in the 90s, kids were happy if they could play “don’t let the baloon touch the floor”, but today kids need all of the fancy gadgets and gaming consoles to keep them satisfied.

So how do we keep our children interested in activities outside of the home and pursuits that promote personal growth and development?

#1 – Kung fu for children is actually quite helpful and popular for a variety of reasons.

Kung fu is a traditional Chinese martial art that emphasizes not just physical strength and stamina, but also discipline, meditation, ethics and morality.

It also allows children to start learning self defense at a very young age which is one of the most important features. There are a great number of kidnappings and abductions to children every year and learning self defense and what to do in a situation like this at an early age will help reduce those numbers greatly. This is why enrolling your child in a Kungfu for children class at an early age is a fantastic idea!

#2 – Try to get your children involved in as many sports as possible without forcing them into sports. Not only will they meet other children and make new friends, which is good for their social health and social development skills, but it’ll keep them active and keep them healthy.

#3 – Also engage and figure out their personal hobbies or interests. If they don’t have any interests, try to help them find some and take them to the local library. Reading at a young age develops the mind and helps develop strategic thinking. Intellectual people often start reading about their hobbies and interests at a very early age.

What are the complications of inactive children?

While obesity is on the rise and activity levels are down in children, there are a lot of mental health and physical health complications associated with being inactive.

– Children who are inactive at a young age have a tendency to stay inactive throughout their teenager years and young adult years which may put them at risk for heart disease.

– Children who remain inactive through a number of years also have a higher risk of becoming obese which has a huge increase on the risk of developing physical health problems. There’s too many diseases to list here.

– Your child’s social life may suffer as well. Being inactive and sheltered away from everyone will only develop social disorders, anxiety or even depression.

Enrolling your child in a Kungfu for children class is just one good example of how you can get your child to be active and healthy. There are many different activities and things your child may enjoy, but try to limit their intake of video games and television to a couple of hours or one hour a day. We need to help children stay active as much as possible in the early years so that it hopefully carries on when they grow up.

Teach your children to be physically active from a young age, and teach them how to enjoy it. And most children enjoy Kung Fu, especially boys. They may later  keep a life time habit of engaging in physical activity, and scientific research has shown that this guarantees a better health and life expectancy.