Science Reveals What Type of Men Women Prefer

attractive man
It not uncommon for some guys to feel insecure about their physical looks, especially when they have not snagged a date in a long time. It leads them wondering, what are the characteristics in men that women find irresistible?

Believe it or not, women are genetically wired to go for a certain type of guy. This explains why the stereotype of a “cool guy” remains popular and unchanged over many years. Though there are some women who take personality as an important factor, they still prefer to date men they find physically attractive.

Which then leads to the question, who exactly are the men who can effortlessly woo a woman? Here are science-based facts on what type of men most women want.

Men With Athletic Physique

A 2008 study of 382 female college students found that only 4% of them would be in a relationship with a man who is shorter than them.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor at the University of Washington explained that the reason behind this is men who are generally bigger and are physically fit have the ability to protect their partners.

According to Schwartz, because athletic men make women feel safer, they tend to exclude a lot of men pursuing them, even if they find their personalities interesting. This concludes that across cultural and geographic boundaries, women find tall and athletic men to be irresistible.

Men With Less Body Hair

A biology professor at Trnava University in Slovakia named Pavol Prokop said that evolutionary-wise, hairless men are found to be more attractive in certain cultures closer to the equator due to parasitic threat.

The theories that women prefer less hairy men may have come from the fact that men with less hair contract less lice and other parasitic infection. Interesting enough, Prokop conducted the same study in another geographic location where parasitic threats are different.

When a correlational test was performed, they found no differences in women’s preference.

Men With Beards

Women liking men with less body hair but with facial hair might sound contradicting. But an Australian study found that women prefer men with stubbles or full-facial hair due to a multitude of reasons.

When further studies were conducted, researchers confirmed that women generally associate facial hair with socio-sexual attributes. This means men with bears are subconsciously perceived as “better fathers” who can help copulate an offspring.

Men With Masculine Cars

A research in Austria found that the type of car you own and drive matters in attracting women. The study states that a woman subconsciously changes her perception when she sees the man’s car.

Men with bigger and more masculine cars are found to be more attractive than those who owned smaller vehicles. They often see these people as powerful and dominant mates who can provide for them.

According to a relationship and sex educator Dr. Laura Berman, women correlate cars to its owner’s social status. Berman says that this concept has been unchanged for thousands of years.

During the prehistoric times, women would often choose partners who can bring home the food and take care of the babies. They prefer men who could take on life’s challenges and bring home the biggest chunk of meat after a long day’s hunt to feed the family.

Navigating the dating scene will never be easy. If you truly want to pursue the perfect girl, a wonderful personality is not going to cut it. You will find yourself competing with other competitors who can shove you to the back of the line.

Make room for self improvements to increase your chances of finding the perfect partner you have been dreaming of.