Non-Violent Ways to Discipline Children

undisciplined kidsInstilling regulation among kids is the most challenging task for parents. It is natural among kids that they will be restless and will force you to keep all their demands and needs.

However, you have to handle it in a way so that you don’t get rude to them and at the same time can teach them the importance to be disciplined. Well, it must be said that while teaching discipline to the kids, you need to face a power struggle sometime. Still, if you are aware of the processes of handling the entire task smoothly and of course non-violently, you can win easily. Here we will discuss about the most-effective and non-violent ways that help to discipline a kid.

Teacher-disciple relationship

While doing the task we have to remember that we are teacher and they are taught and have to organize the task carefully. Some non-violent options that prove useful in teaching discipline are:

  • Ignoring the problem behavior
  • Paying attention to the kid’s positive qualities
  • Re-examining one’s expectation from the kid
  • Restructuring the environment where the kids grow
  • Using the time-out location procedures
  • Redirecting the kids attention

If his or her behavior is not dangerous you must ignore it and should not scold the kid for that behavior always. You just keep a watch on the kid so that the same thing doesn’t happen again and again. Even from the childhood days, we have to observe the positive qualities in the kids and have to praise it always.

Actually, we have to make them feel that good behavior is praised always and bad habits are not welcome. In order to keep them busy in constructive activities, we have to engage them in interesting and funny tasks to shift their attention from the destructive practices.

Understanding their Capacity

However, it is not a good idea to impose all the responsibilities on the kids, as we have to moderate our behavior towards them as well. That is why it is not good to expect something more from the kids’ capacity. If you force him to deliver something more than what he can, it will prove detrimental.

Disciplining a younger child versus disciplining an elder one is a bit difficult. The option that proves more effective in this regard is restructuring the environment where the child is growing. Often it is seen that environment plays an important role in disciplining a children. If we think that the child cannot adjust with the environment, we must consider restructuring it.

Out of the Time Process

If it still proves difficult to control a child and if the matter goes out of hand, we must think of a bit tough yet safe option. Removing the child to an away and safe timeout location will help in bringing change. Don’t assign any task to the child and let him/her sit there for a few minutes, until he or she gets the permission to go. After sometime when the kid returns, we will find him/her changed, modified and disciplined as well.

For The Pre-School Goers

When kids start visiting a school they get disciplined automatically but prior to sending them to school we have to handle them carefully so that they be disciplined in schools as well. Some non-violent methods for the pre-school goers are:

  • Caring for the kid intensely
  • Understanding their interests
  • Keeping them in company of other disciplined kids
  • To help them play with interesting toys
  • Listening to their problems and finding a worthy solution